Breadman 2 lb Professional Bread Maker Review

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Breadman 2 lb Professional bread maker
Breadman 2 lb Professional bread maker

The Breadman 2 lb Professional bread maker is #3 choice for under $100. This is a bread machine priced in the low to mid price range that gets positive feedback from customers and comes with very interesting features. It is a product that is both consistent and reliable.

This Breadman professional appliance features collapsible kneading paddles. Many owners of this bread maker machine are very satisfied with their purchase, giving the product 5 stars reviews. On, the price of this appliance range from a $74.77 discounted price to a $129.99 retail price.

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Breadman is among the most reputable brand names in the baking tools industry and the Breadman 2 lb professional machine is among the most popular machines in their range. This is the perfect bread machine in the mid-market range. It comes with all the standard settings, it has an affordable price, plus it offers several extra features that give you the possibility to achieve some more variety in your baking.

The machine offers 14 settings or “baking functions.” Among these settings are included gluten free, low-carb, jam and artisan dough. There is also a dough setting, basic settings for making white bread, as well as a cake setting, sourdough, and 100 percent whole wheat. There are three standard crust colors: dark, medium and light. The bread maker features also a timer for a 15 hours delay. However, when you are using the delayed setting it is not recommended to add eggs or dairy products like butter and milk because you risk that your ingredients will spoil.

The bread pan included with this professional bread maker can cook one pound, 1.5 pound and two pound loaves. For each quantity there are specific machine settings. Some customers may think that the pan would not be big enough for the two pound loaf. However, it is most likely that this impression can be due to using too much yeast or a high-rising specific recipe.

The loaves have a hybrid-horizontal size. They are not as long as some horizontal loaves produced by competitor bread makers, but look more like a mix of a vertical and horizontal loaf. However, the pan is horizontal, being more wider than tall. The pan features a single kneading paddle that is collapsible and a non-stick coating.

This professional bread maker machine also features a nut and fruit hopper. This can be set to add at the right time some nuts and fruits to the dough. This feature is, in fact, accessible through the door on the top of the bread maker.
The package includes a useful instruction book that provides numerous recipes and explains the different settings. Overall, this professional bread maker functions well, provides good performance and all its features are useful.

When it comes to specifications, the appliance weighs 17.2 pounds and measures 16.6 inches x 12 inches x 15.6 inches, according to Amazon. The machine is manufactured by Spectrum Brands company and is built of stainless steel. It comes covered by a limited warranty for a two-year period. When it comes to replacing the paddle or the bread pan, typically Breadman is appreciated for its good and timely customer service.

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The appliance comes with several useful accessories. Along with the bread maker itself the package includes more than the necessities for the inexperienced baker, adding in some standard stuff for the expert baker. In addition to a collapsible measuring cup the bread maker also comes with an adjustable measuring spoon,

The Breadman machine provides many benefits. It bakes good loaves and it generally performs very well. You can rely upon this machine to create again and again some baked goods that are super tasty. These loaves not only taste good, but thanks to the collapsible paddle they also look good.

The manufacturer of this bread maker machine has put some time and effort designing the structure and shape of this product in order to achieve uniform color and texture in every bake.

Another pro to this Breadman bread maker machine is that it doesn’t require your attention. When it’s time to add your mix-ins the machine does this action automatically for us. In fact, during the bake cycle, there is no need for you to be in the kitchen.

With three size, three crust colors, and 14 different settings, this machine is very versatile. You can do some baking experimentation with this appliance. In this price range, this is a product with one of the most generous functions. You’ll love having the option to make artisan bakes, gluten free and low-carb loaves.

Another advantage to this professional appliance is the fact that, regardless of what setting or size you decide upon, the quality of baking stays high. Other things you’ll love about this machine are:

• Comes with recipe book that contains a handy yeast comparison chart
• It looks modern and sleek on your kitchen counter
• It is very easy to clean

Customer opinion

Overall, customer opinion on this machine is very positive. Customers appreciate the fact that this bread maker machine is much lighter than previous Breadman models or competitor models. This really makes a big difference in case that you do not plan to leave this appliance on the counter. The bread it makes is delicious, according to customers. The loaves have good texture, are nicely shaped and accommodate many types of bread.

In general, customers also love the collapsing knead tool as well as the fact that the bread maker keeps the bread warm if you don’t take it out from the machine at the moment when the timer goes off. A good feature that is very appreciated by consumers is also the dispenser for fruit and nuts. Customers also like the machine’s quick cycle.

Best Choice For Under $100

Many customers who bought this product seemed content with this bread making machine. The scores are high, most reviews giving this item between 4 and 5 stars ratings. The Breadman brand is among the top manufactures in the industry and their professional bread maker machine is one of the most reliable options on the market.

In the mid-market range, this is the perfect choice. It comes with an affordable price tag, and features all the standard settings. For its good features and durability we highly recommend the Breadman 2 lb professional bread maker as the #3 on our list of best choices under $100.

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