Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Bread Maker – An updated review for 2018

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Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Bread MakerA robust, customer friendly machine with a sleek, stainless steel body and plenty of options, the Breadman BK1050S will quickly find a place in the hearts and homes of any bakers, both amateur and professional.

Though the product has been out for a while, with 2018 getting into full swing and New Year’s resolutions abandoned, let’s take another look at one of our favourite fixtures in any bread lovers life.

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Breadman BK1050S Review

The Breadman BK1050S is full of fantastic features that will keep any family well fed with fresh, delicious bread. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

– 14 Pre-Programmed Bake Settings

– Automatic nut and fruit dispenser

– 3 loaf sizes and crust colours
– 15 Hour Delay timer

– Automatic 1 hour keep warm setting post-baking

– Measuring cup, measuring spoon and recipe book included

The stand out feature here is easily the 14 pre-programmed settings. This generous selection of options means that a variety of bread can be prepared, virtually hassle free. The artisan dough setting in particular is a pleasant addition, especially considering this breadmaker’s low price tag. Other options include French bread, gluten-free bread, sweet bread and jam, as well as many more. This versatility wins big points for the Breadman.

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and green pastures here. The rapid bake options are far from perfect, with either the dough mixing incorrectly or not cooking all the way through. It is one of the few downsides to this otherwise superb machine.

Another stunningly useful feature that the Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Bread Maker incorporates is the automatic nut and fruit dispenser. It is an addition that seems blindingly obvious upon reflection, yet is lacking in many other bread makers. This simple function means the machine can be loaded up with your preference of fruits or nuts and they will be automatically added to the bread mix at the appropriate points during the baking process.

Finally, no more need to babysit your bread. For those of us who get enthralled by the latest television shows and often forget entirely about the kitchen, this is a must have.

For the beginner baker, the Breadman comes with a recipe book. These recipes are simple enough for anyone to grasp, and range in difficulty as you find your feet in the bread baking world. Baking bread is precise work, and sometimes getting the recipe correct can feel more like alchemy than baking. Experienced chefs can freely feel confident to play around with the recipes in this book, but for newbies it can lead to some bad bakes.

Though the Breadman advertises itself as a 2-pound bread maker it actually comes with three sizes of loaf, which is a big relief. Even the most dedicated bread lovers might grow weary if they had to get through a 2lbs loaf before it went bad. Thankfully, this comes with a three options – 1lb, 1 and a half  lbs and 2 lbs. A pleasant addition to an already satisfying machine.

Easily one of the most alluring additions to the Breadman though is the 1 hour Keep Warm setting. The function of this is simple. The Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Bread Maker will automatically keep your loaf heated to a toasty warmth for up to an hour after the baking is finished. Simple yet so wonderfully useful. Especially useful for those who might not hear the beep of the machine finishing, due to television enthralment or otherwise.

Those familiar with using a slow cooker will definitely want to go in for the Breadman’s 15-hour delay function. Ever  want to come home to a freshly baked loaf of bread? Simply load up the Breadman, set the delay and you will be greeted by the ever enchanting smell of a fresh bake.

Sadly, this machine is quite noisy, meaning it is not ideal for the dream of waking up to fresh, warm bread. There is some rattling that happens during the mixing stage, although there is no beeping for the automatic fruit and nut dispenser. It might not be the number one choice for those with thin walls, but otherwise it could easily accomplish a night bake. There is nothing quite like waking up to the smell of fresh bread.

It’s not a certain thing, but some customers report that their machines have a problem with the collapsible paddle. For some machines, the hinge that holds the paddle in place is loose, leading to the blade dipping and scraping the coating off the pan. No one wants to taste pan coating in their bread. It’s not a widespread problem, but customers should be aware that there is a chance of manufacturing error with that particular part.

There is something hypnotic about watching bread rise. The minds behind the Breadman BK1050S evidently agreed as the large viewing window allows a chef to check on their creation as it bakes. Diligent bakers will be able to avoid any kitchen catastrophes before they develop with regular checks, not that it is necessary with the Breadman’s smooth operation and reliability.

Part of that silky smooth operation is the Breadman’s collapsible kneading paddles. This clever development has the paddles fold away before the baking process begins, preventing any holes from appearing in the bottom of the loaf. Overall, it lends itself to a more consistent texture and baking experience as the machine bakes it to a uniform colour.

The evidence has been deliberated on and a final verdict has been reached. The Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Bread Maker is a reliable, versatile and low-price machine that brings a lot to the table. With its pre-programmed settings, recipe cookbook and simple interface, it allows new chefs to start cooking immediately.

Experienced chefs as well will appreciate the convenience that the Breadman provides, with its 15-hour delay and automatic fruit and nut dispenser. Innovative design has simplified what would otherwise be a long and drawn out process, allowing bakers of all skill to have access to fresh, delicious loafs whenever they please.

The Breadman is clearly designed to account for all dietary requirements as well, with the provided cookbook having 55 different recipes for bread alone. The gluten-free and low-carb settings definitely help with this as well.

The bread maker is available from a number of sites, though the best deal is through Amazon. A low price, occasional sale and the cheap protection plans completes the perfect package.

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