Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker – An Updated Review For 2018

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Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker
Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Have you heard about the famous bread maker? The bread maker that people can’t just stop talking about? The cremè de la cremè? Introducing the Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker!

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, it is engineered to allow you to bake the most perfectly wonderful loaves of bread that you only have dreamed of.

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The BBM800XL is a valuable addition to your kitchen. With it, you will be able to create a master piece every time you bake. The foldable kneading paddle sets it apart from some of the rest. Its ability to collapse as the baking process begins allows you to bake loaves that have a reduced base hole.

It features an automatic fruit and nut dispenser which appropriately releases the ingredients into the dough for an even consistency. Would you like to be notified when your bread is ready to serve or would you rather monitor it while it bakes? The mute functionality of the sound alert makes the latter possible. You could also monitor the whole baking process through the LCD screen which is just large enough to allow for this execution.

So, you are used to eating just one type of bread every single day? Come on, try something new. Maybe a gluten free bread or a crusty loaf. You could even go for the unleavened bread that the Israelites used to eat during Passover. With over 46 recipes present in the BBM800XL, you can bake the type of bread you want. After all, variety is the spice of life!

And if you need to feed a family-sized group, don’t panic! This machine has got you covered. It allows you to bake big loaves of 2.5 pounds which are best suited for families. Sometimes what you need to get through the morning is the delightful smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread. The BBM800XL comes fitted with a delay timer functionality that enables you to put off your baking for a maximum of 13 hours. So, you can conveniently go to sleep and wait for the sweet smell of your fresh bread to waft into your nose when the sun rises.


1. Automatic fruit and nut dispenser

This allows for the ingredients to be evenly blended within the dough by releasing them at the optimal time.

2. Foldable kneading paddle

At the onset of baking, this feature collapses to minimize the size of that hole that usually forms at the base of the loaf. However, it only proceeds to this collapsing phase after mixing the incorporated ingredients thoroughly.3. Smart LCD screen

The BBM800XL comes with a selection dial that allows you to suitably select your baking options. It also has a progress indicator that shows you how your bread develops during the baking process. With this, you can easily tell the exact baking stage your delicious bread is in, whatever the time. The other valuable feature integrated with the LCD screen is the viewing light which enables you to check in on your bread while it bakes as often as you need to.

4. Custom-size loaf

Depending on the size of group you desire to feed, the BBM800XL presents you with four options of loaf sizes that you can choose from so you can minimize or eliminate the wastage of your expensive ingredients. It is engineered to bake up to 2.5 pounds worth of bread. The least size of bread you can bake with this machine is a pound.

5. Recipes

The BBM800XL has a total of 46 recipes, that are conveniently step by step, included in it. You can have different kinds of bread on different days according to your mood. The available recipes include: gluten free bread, crusty, whole wheat, basic, sweet, dough, yeast-free, etc…

6. Customizable baking settings.

The BBM800XL is equipped with 13 automatic settings and 3 selections of crust colour. It also has an additional space reserved for 9 custom settings which allow you to save your own unique recipes for future reference.

7. Delay timer

The BBM800XL can delay the baking time for up to 13 hours. So you can go to sleep and let the delightful smell of fresh bread be your wake up call.

8. Jam-making mechanism

This machine comes fitted with a second blade for the sole purpose of manufacturing jams, jellies and even sauces. You will find the instructions to this production process outlined in the recipe book.

9. Loaf pan

The BBM800XL has a bread pan that is no-stick and rectangle in shape. The loaves baked out of this pan are excellently formed with an even spread of colour. They are also properly sized to perfectly fit toasters and bread slicers that are prevalent in households.

10. Conversion buttons

It has the capability to convert the weight and temperature measurements. This saves you time of manual conversions and ensures accuracy in baking.

11. Pause button
With this, you can conveniently suspend your baking process to engage in other matters.


1. It prevents ingredient wastage

With the option to choose the size of bread you would wish to bake, you can use the precise amount of ingredients.

2. It is convenient

This is evident in the following ways: you can pause your baking process when necessary, you can delay your baking time by up to 13 full hours and you can program it to alert you when your baking time is up or you could choose to mute the sound alert so you can visually keep track of your bread during its entire baking process.

3. It allows for customization

First, there are 3 colours of crusts from which you can choose. Second, there are 46 bread recipes presented to you so you can bake the type of bread you prefer. Finally, the range of loaf sizes (1lbs – 2.5lbs) available lets you bake according to your feeding needs. Whether a whole family or just one mouth.

4. It bakes the most perfect loaves

A recipe to guide you, the smart settings to inform you of the baking progress of your bread, an automatic dispenser for even ingredient-dough blending, a paddle for proper ingredient mixing and a rectangular pan with non stick properties. These features work in combination to produce the world’s most delectable bread.

5. It is easy to use.

All you need to do is simply program it using the settings provided.

6. It is easy to clean
The stick-free surface of the loaf pan makes this possible.

The BBM800XL is ,undoubtedly, the people’s choice. With its efficient features that are currently unmatched by its competitors, it is the only bread maker that can allow you to bake bread to a rare perfection. That wonderful smell of a freshly baked bread in the morning will cheer you up and make the rest of your day productive. Order yours today from Amazon and begin a life changing experience.

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