Complete Folding Bread Proofer And Yogurt Maker Review

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Complete Folding Bread Proofer And Yogurt MakerMaking bread and yogurt at home needs you to follow some precise directions and follow all of them to last degree to get delicious and tasty bread or yogurt. This looks easy however the entire process is demanding as making the perfect and soft bread involves controlled humidity and temperature to allow the bread to rise perfectly. You may still control the temperature however it is not possible to control the humidity. There are a few features in some products which you would definitely like to have.

The main problem of controlling the humidity is removed with the assistance of the  complete folding bread proofer and yogurt maker which helps you in maintaining the temperature in 70 degrees to 120 degrees up to your requirement, also it gives a tray to contain water to control the adjustments to get optimum humidity of 80% and gives you a perfect dough with perfect rise and a perfect bread.

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This folding bread proofer and yogurt maker has a sleek design made from reinforced polypropylene. It has a water tray which controls the humidity and is made of aluminum thus giving providing longevity to the product. Both controlled humidity and temperature helps you in getting soft bread, also these features gives you with the perfect yogurt automatically without any stress of controlling the temperature as all this is performed automatically.


Makes 8qt.crème fraiche and yogurt

Humid proofer mode to proof the yeast breads and sourdough

Includes recipes

Holds one full bowl loaves

Dry proofer mode to culture butter and yogurt, fermenting kombucha, repining soft cheese, kefir and tempeh.

Huge viewing window

There is no need to cover the dough as it contains water tray which keeps the humidity at the optimal level

Melts the chocolate safely without burning also holds the tempered chocolate

Steel wire rack

Reinforced polypropylene body

Aluminum heating plate which is anodized rightly



2 gal cap

8 oz. 7lb

18 x 14.5 x 2.8 inches

3 inches when closed and folded

The product is made to use in Canada and United States and is made to US electrical standards.

Buy the Folding Bread Proofer And Yogurt Maker at

Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker

Reasons to buy the product:

Plastic free:

Most of the yogurt makers utilize plastic containers. With this product you case select glass jars with proper sizes and remove disposal plastic waste and plastic containers. Now you don’t have to hold warm milk for long hours in plastic.

Select the amount you wish to make:

The proofer easily makes little as much as 1 cup and also 8 quarts in no time. No other product is even close to your measurements and capacity. You can make according to whether it is 500 ml or 8 liters. The choice is completely yours.

Reliable temperature control:

Many yogurt makers maintain the culturing temperature at factory setting. This proofer has the best accuracy and narrowest range of any kind of yogurt maker available in the market. So there is no chance of damage to the culture with the digital temperature control. You can even use the folding proofer to melt chocolate, rise bread and also use into making a huge variety of do it yourself super foods.

More creamy texture:

Our digital temperature control and high low method allows the yogurt to start at a high temperature for quick culturing. After this lower the temp for second stage of the culturing to get the creamiest texture and stable set. Automatic yogurt proofers that culture too hot can produce a lumpy texture.

Customize your yogurt:

If you like mild yogurt, thick yogurt, Greek, tart yogurt, flavored yogurt or non dairy yogurt, this proofer has easy and quick recipes for your living style. Our technique for creating lactose free yogurt depends on extended culturing time, but the proofer does not damage the probiotic cultures or give watery and split textures as the digital control can be maintained to the right temperature. Delicious and personalized yogurts are so simple with Folding Bread Proofer & Yogurt Maker.

Save money:

Self made yogurt costs only one third from the ones which we bring from stores, so savings gets added quickly. After only 20 weeks of yogurt making you are able to save much money to recoup the buying price of the proofer.

Great working:

The size of the product is very good and provides the user with a decent amount of yogurt in single batch when compared to other related products that are available on the market. This proofer works on just 110W of power. It gives you the choice of fixing the temperature using Celsius or Fahrenheit manually. For getting proper and good results always pre-heat the device for about 5 minutes.


The product is very cheap to operate

It is very simple to set up

The dough is properly protected from the interference

The warm and moist environment is best for the bread proofing at both first as well as second proof.

The appliance can be folded, which saves the space in kitchen while it is not used.

The easiest option for yogurt incubating over 8 hours

An 800gm bread loaf would generally rise in just one hour.


A couple of customers have said that they found that the temperature wasn’t very accurate.

Customer opinions:

According to the customer reviews and feedback the maker meets all the requirements and is worth its price. People using the appliance are very much satisfied and happy with the results. Users are happy because the maker can be utilized to melt chocolates, keep cookies, biscuits and wafers etc crispier for a long time. People using are also satisfied because it helps with the storage space which is a great benefit. The appliance can be easily stored in a very small place like a drawer. Also it takes only 6 hours to prepare the yogurt which is nutritious and healthy.

Final Words:

In conclusion,  this is an effective product. Investing in this item is worth your money, it is something which can fulfil your requirement on budget, and it is definitely worth a try.

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