Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine

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Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine
Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine

The Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine is much more than just your run of the mill bread maker, it’s a delicious baking experience. Even if you have never tried baking bread before, using this high quality bread maker will have you feeling like an old professional.

Using this top of the line computer driven baking machine has all the features and options you will ever need for worry-free bread baking in a snap.In no time at all, you will be creating loaves of mouth watering bread with interesting shapes and irresistible tastes and aromas.

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Check out the Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine if you want to make delicious bread

This particular model from Crãvit DV can whip up homemade bread, and even bagels. One of the features you will like, is the automatic dispenser where you can add fruit and nuts. The machine actually signals when to add these extras.

Bread making is no longer a chore because temperature, kneading and baking times are automatically controlled, relieving you of having to deal with it so that you can be free do other things.

The Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine bakes large loaves of bread, and can handle any of your favourite recipe such as cinnamon raisin, fancy focaccia bread, French bread, honey wheat, cinnamon rolls, and your choices are endless. If you can imagine it, you can bake it. If you want to adjust the crust to suit your tastes, this bread maker delivers.

You will also find that it is small enough to sit on a counter without taking up too much space, and the stainless steel design looks good too. There are many unique settings and lots of programming options. Yes, there’s a computer in there somewhere just waiting to bake that perfect loaf. If you like warm fresh bread, this is the ideal baker for you.

Take bread making to another level, with over 300 program combination and loaf sizes. There is even a button to save your favourite recipes, allowing you to program as many as five personal recipes.

This unit also has a delay timer for up to 24 hours, and a 10-minute random pause feature, a 1-hour keep-warm cycle that keeps bread warm without over-baking, and instant recall in the case of a power failure. No worries about burning bread anymore. You don’t have to stand by and wait, as you are free to go about your day.

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If you are like me and cannot resist the temptation to look at your bread baking, no problem here, take a look through the large viewing window and watch your loaf bake.

It’s difficult to find a negative comment about bread making appliances. The long-established Crãvit DV-1000-model is the one of the bread makers customers have named as a great buy for some considerable time.

If you are looking for an automatic bread machine to make low carb bread, there are many brands to choose from and the Crãvit DV-1000-NIC  is one that specifically has a Low Carb setting. Being on a low carbohydrate diet makes having bread a special treat. Locating a bread machine that offers this feature is not an easy find. This machine gives you many choices of pre-programmed options and uses a convection fan that circulates air during the baking process to create a great crust color and texture. There are other healthy options which include a Crãvit DV-Free preset baking option plus recipes.

The recipe booklet that is included has specific recipes for the low carb and Crãvit DV free options plus many other types of breads and pizza dough. The cabinet is brushed stainless steel and should look great on your counter, plus it’s a reasonable size at 18 x 12.2 x 15.2 inches and only weighs 9 pounds. If waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread sounds wonderful you will want to read more about the Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine.

There are some slightly negative things about this bread machine. Depending on the recipe you are using, customers have mentioned that sometimes the crust comes out too dark and too hard. Therefore, it’s recommended  to read the instructions very carefully and do as they say, because sometimes there are flops and failures. So there is a learning curve in using this machine. There are beeps or tones that tell you to add ingredients or take the paddle out, and there are metal tabs that hold the bread pan in place.

This gluten free machine is loaded with special features. There are 16 preset menu options that include your coveted low carb, gluten-free and Artisan Dough settings. It can bake three different loaf sizes and three different crust colours. There are beeps or tones that tell you when to add any extra ingredients, like nuts or raisins. Plus you have a 12 hour delay timer which allows you to awaken to fresh bread in the morning. There is a 3 year limited warranty included.

The Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine also has a keep warm function, which is a really nice feature, and also a power failure backup.

But making bread with these kind of bread making machines is so absurdly simple the manual’s writers manage to outline the entire process in a two-page spread. Put the blade in the pan. Choose the bread type on the front panel. Choose the loaf size, crust colour, and start time. Wait 2-5 hours for the bread to cook.Don’t forget that bread makers like this do an excellent job of making dough too – if you master the pizza base recipe, you’ll never buy ones from the store again. Finally, there is a bake only mode if you need to use the machine to cook many types of cake, so, as you can see, this bread maker is very versatile.

Customer Feedback

The Crãvit DV-1000-NIC Gluten-Free Bread Machine has had mostly positive reviews from customers at, many saying that it makes delicious gluten-free loaves, which tastes much better than store bought loaves, Customers have also said that they like the say warm function, and the delay timer, so that you can wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread, ready for breakfast.

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