Cuisinart Bread Makers Review

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Before buying any automatic bread maker, you want to make sure it will make your favorite bread easily and produce good quality. In the market today.

There are many options available with the most famous to hit the market being the Cuisinart bread makers (CBK).

Check out the Cuisinart BMKR-400PC Convection Bread Maker if you want to see one of their popular choices.


The features that make the Cuisinart Brand great include?

1. A Large Variety of Recipes (12 To 16)

You have probably heard of 16 recipes for bread and pizza available with Cuisinart, you can add up ingredients using the 12 different mix in ingredient options ranging from a simple pure wheat bread to a fruit cake.
Their most praised feature is the low gluten bread. This makes the machine quite comfortable to serve to a variety of members in your family.

2. Different Loaf Sizes and crust intensity.

The range from 1 LB, 1.5 LB and 2 LB on the menu stands for the different size of loaf you need from 12 to 16 depending on your family needs. This adjustable loaf size lets you to make fine loaves without interfering with the shape of your bread. They also offer options for light, medium and dark crust

3. Monitoring glass.

As your bread will be baked in cycles, the machine has a viewing glass that allows you to monitor the progress. You can pause if you need to make changes to your mix ins before the bread is fully baked. The delay allows you to set a timer, you can simply set the machine to make your bread 12 hours later so you wake up and find it ready and warm.

The great features do not come without a few shortcomings though.

Distracting Alarms.

Once the LED is on and you make the wrong option choice in the menu say crust adjustment for a jam bread, the alarm beeps very loudly. You also have to work with it for your timed cycle reminders.

Long menus are time wasting.

The menu lists are quite long and you have to go through selecting what you want one by one using one button. This may be quite annoying if you are in a rush.

Size and weight.

It would be great for a baking machine to be comfortably moved around and raised for cleaning and check up. Cuisinart Bread Machines are quite bulky and may not allow much portability.

Here is a look at some of the Cuisinart Varieties On Amazon.

1. CBK 100 bread maker.

Basically the most common of all Cuisinart brands, the CBK 100 bread maker is a smooth stainless silvery finish with a removable pan, lid and a viewing window. It has the 12 programmable menus and a 13 hour timer for your early morning bread.  It is actually the most simplified, It may be easier to operate than your microwave, anyone can use it.

2. Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Lb Convection Bread Maker

The Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Lb Convection Bread Maker has all the basics for Cuisinart that lie in the 100 and a convection fan for foolproof results. It comes with the 16 pre-set menus options, 3 crust colors and loaf sizes, a paddle for easy cleaning, removable lid and pan. It has a 12 hours delay start timer and a power failure backup. All this and it still comes in at a reasonable price.

3. The Cuisinart BMKR-400PC Convection Bread Maker, Stainless Steel

Also hitting the market quite hard for its great appearance and easy to clean features is the Cuisinart BMKR-400PC Convection Bread Maker. It also has one button like the CBK 100 hence quite easy to use as well. You have 16 pre-set menu options or if you just want to make dough for bread rolls or pizza you can do that too. Why not check it out at

You may not have to consider for long before ending up with a Cuisinart automatic bread maker in your house, the costs are very reasonable and the reviews are positive, investing in one will actually give you value for your money, but most of all you get the joy of waking up to the smell of fresh bread and can be in control of what goes into every loaf you bake.

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