EZ DOH Bread Dough Maker

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EZ DOH bread makerAre you looking for a perfect dough maker? I have something really nice for you in this new year of 2018. Surprise your family with a delicious homemade bread using the EZ DOH bread maker. Those who have tried it will tell you countless times that this is actually the best bread maker that is simple to use, it is faster and neater than the traditional approaches that you have ever used.

If you normally struggle with bread mixes, then the EZ DOH is here to lift your burden and help you enjoy making homemade bread that you love. It is worth investing in this amazing US made product.

Check out the EZ DOH Bread Dough Maker if you’re looking to make bread in a different way


This a must have product that’s very easy to use, it does not have sharp blades and does not use electricity hence can be used by anyone irrespective of their age or their ability. This economical bread maker comes with a lifetime warranty. It is equipped with hook assembly and reinforced nylon handle brace. It will make for you two small loaves or one large one within a very short period of time like just in four minutes or in 5 minutes maximum.

Just like the traditional dough bucket, you can simply drop that mix into the bucket, then hand crank then allow the bread rise and place directly into the loaf pans. This is the perfect dough maker that anyone should consider buying even if they don’t know how to make bread because it comes with the whole recipe printed on the back of the bucket, this also saves the users time and resources in searching for a recipe from somewhere else.

The universal bread dough recipe printed on the back of the bucket can be used for all types of baking just as the name suggests. Some of the baked goods that can be made using the printed recipes includes but not limited to pizza dough, bread and cinnamon rolls.


Easy to clean

Pocket friendly

Easy to use.


The dough hook is a little short

It’s wholly made of plastic.

This amazing product will keep your kitchen clean and free from mess. You really need to understand that by buying this product you’re saving a lot since it is multipurpose and will help you to make other delicacies apart from just bread.

This product works perfectly for those who want to make small breads of different types. It’s less expensive as compared to the electric mixer yet works perfectly well and very fast. It’s also good for outdoor cooking. With EZ DOH you can use any bread recipe that uses between three to four cups. It weighs -1.1lbs.

With this bread maker, you can actually stop kneading the dough anytime you feel like or when you are tired. It works perfectly well with the start and stop cranking. It yields a very good result just like any other kneading method out there.

One of its great features that makes it outstanding is that it allows you to keep adding more and more flour at the time of kneading that eventually results into a dense and heavy bread. With thisEZ DOH bread maker you’re unlikely to go wrong since you have the perfect recipe with you.

Unlike the hand-kneading where you have to apply much physical ability and kneading skills, with this device you can knead perfectly well even if you don’t have prior kneading skills. One of the things that you’ll probably love and find so attractive about this device is that all the kneading is contained in the bucket and so it can be done anywhere at any time. YOU really don’t need to stand at the kitchen counter or anywhere else.

For the friends who may want their children to be involved or who may have guests that are ready to assist should check out this product because the helpers do not necessarily need to know how to use this. You fear handling dough? No need to worry, this is the most hands-off process that you’ll really love experiencing although you will still need to get the dough out of the bucket and shape it.

Some may look down upon theEZ DOH bread maker because it is made of plastic, of course it is made from plastic but they are very sturdy. Anyway even if they break it will only cost you around three dollars to replace. The dough hook and crank are sturdy and with a normal and proper use they can last a long time and serve you perfectly well. You need to take good care of this device just as you’ll do for any other item that is valuable to you.

When you buy this item, you get a free recipe and yeast. These are very essential tools of baking that you should really consider getting, and remember cleanliness is very essential and mandatory that’s why you really need to get this stunning device that will keep your working surface clean and neat all the time.

This device is a perfect match for those who don’t have stand mixer and would not want to do hand kneading. If you’re such a person then your problems are now fully settled by the EZ DOH bread maker. When you buy this product, you become a pro in baking even if you’ve never tried it before or if you’re always not doing it perfectly. The recipes that are printed at the back of the bucket are very simple to understand and easy to follow.


The EZ DOH bread maker is a very simple mixer that is less expensive yet offers you a more enjoyable way to make a very delicious homemade bread. All you need is to put all the ingredients together in the bucket, secure the hand crank and have it all thoroughly and perfectly mixed in less than five minutes. This is a must have product and if you don’t have one yet, you can order right now at Amazon.com

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