Hamilton Beach Bread Makers – Pros and Cons Of The Popular Brand

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Hamilton Beach (29882) Bread MakerA staple part of of many diets is bread. There are many types of bread depending on preference but regardless of what bread, we prefer it to be baked fresh.

More so, what could be fresher than having it prepared right in your own kitchen. In order to do that, we need a reliable bread maker to help us get that crisp and soft dough of a bread we love. Hamilton Beach Bread Makers will do the trick.

Check out the Hamilton Beach (29882) Bread Maker if you want to make your own bread without spending a fortune on a bread maker.

Pros and Cons

If you’re a newbie with breadmaking, you’d choose Hamilton Beach Bread Makers because you consider the following:

Easy to use

It has 12-setting function to save you time in choosing which bread to make. The small screen is clear enough to indicate the current setting you’re in and how much time you have left before the bread is done the cooking. It looks simple and not intimidating without too many knobs and buttons and all those unnecessary labels that make an equipment seem “scary”. A popular setting is gluten-free for those following a special diet.

Pretty straightforward I should say. If you want more sophistication in your bread maker, then you’ll need to look elsewhere for that.


With the time-delay feature, you can set your baking time for later. You can prepare it in the evening and opt to have it ready in the morning when you wake up. There’s nothing fresher than that! What a delicious way to start the morning with that wonderful smell. It comes along with 2 bread paddles. This little extra can come in handy in the future.


The price is reasonable and wouldn’t keep you off track from your budget and instead have more to spare for actually making your bread. For the features and functionalities available, it’s easily a good choice for a home baker looking for an all-around, reliable bread machine.

Here are a few downsides should you feel they’re just as important as the benefits you can reap from this piece of household equipment.


The paddle has been known to come loose and bake into the bottom part of the bread. A small price to pay, I guess. It doesn’t happen in every baking instance but when it does, you just have to remove it from underneath the bread and still be able to serve the same quality.


It’s bigger than expected. Its rounded body looks sturdy but the size may be a bit of a sore for those who want a compact bread machine. It takes up space on your countertop, so if you’re one who wants to keep a clean-looking kitchen, then you may need to store it elsewhere after using.


It’s a bit wobbly when in use. There’s vibration during the kneading process, it makes a noise to signal the start of the process. It’s not a loud noise but it’s not so quiet either, something in between would be tolerable. The vibration can make it displace itself so ensure to put it on a stable area and away from the edge of a table.

Overall, Hamilton Beach Bread Makers are a good buy especially if you simply want that fresh, hot out-of-the-oven crispiness served before your very eyes. Available models for Hamilton Beach Bread Makers 29881 and 29882 can be purchased online via Amazon.com.

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