Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine – Best Choice under $50

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Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine
Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

The Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread machine is one of the best machines that you can use to make homemade bread as good as any professional bakery without much effort. All you need to do is add the necessary ingredients in their appropriate quantities and start the baking process by simply choosing the proper baking cycle. Within no time, the machine will help you create the perfect loaf of bread however you like it.

The machine has a number of useful features and benefits that are very good at preparing bread of the finest quality. The fact that makes this bread-making machine a great choice is that you can obtain this item at a price within your budget.

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With a price tag less than $50, this item is fairly cheap and is sure to fit the budget of most buyers quite easily. Moreover, the design of the machine has been developed in such a manner that it is sure to enhance the creativity, and look nice in your kitchen. In this review, we are going to look at some of the basic features and reasons that make this item a must have for your kitchen.

We will also look at the common opinion and perspective that users have about this item. So, let’s get started.

Basic Features of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

The Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine Features 12 different settings. These different settings are for making French bread, Gluten-free bread, sweet-bread, quick bread, 1.5-lb express, 2-lb express, dough, cake, jam, whole grain bread and baking.

The machine allows the baking of bread without needing any trans-fats or preservatives to be added. You can also make Gluten-free bread using this machine.

There are settings for making light, medium or even dark crusts based on your needs.

The machine can be used to prepare the dough for making pizzas and rolls.

Large display screen with timer so that you can see all the settings during the baking procedure.

There is a Delay Timer that allows you to postpone the baking process if needed. This allows you to add ingredients in the middle of the baking process. like seeds or fruit.

The pan in the machine is a non-stick one that is easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

The machine also features an audible reminder that is very handy when using fruits, nuts and other such ingredients in the baking process.

The package includes two separate kneading paddles.

The touch-based interface is cool and easy to operate.

Important Specifications of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

Now, let us look at some of the important specifications about this machine.

The overall dimensions of the machine measure 12.4 inches in length, 16.4 inches in width and 12.8 inches in height. Hence, this is a fairly even sized piece of kitchenware that can fit well within kitchens of most sizes.

This bread-maker weighs only 15.2 pounds, and hence, is a fairly light piece of machinery that can easily be carried from one place to another.

There are six buttons placed on the top of the machine with a LED display screen placed between them to operate the machine.

hamilton beach programmable bread maker

Top Reasons to Buy the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

There are a number of reasons why this bread-making machine from the house of Hamilton Beach is a great buy for your kitchen. Some of these reasons have been discussed below.

Easy to use

One of the best aspects of this bread baking machine is that it is fairly easy to use. The buttons on the top panel allow you to easily access the different settings and choose the appropriate ones that you can use to make your desired bread. The package also includes a manual that has all the necessary instructions to help you access every feature of this machine. With the use of this item, you will be able to bake all kinds of bread in no time, and that too, without having to give much effort. Hence, you can make and enjoy all kinds of bread for your family.

Maintenance is fairly easy

The unit comprises of a non-stick pan as well as non-stick kneading paddles. Hence, the baking procedures will not cause any of the dough or the bread to stick on completion. This will allow you to easily wash the pan or the paddles either under the tap or even in a dishwasher. Cleaning and maintaining this bread maker is fairly easy and simple, and does not require any intricate methods.

Baking at home is great fun with the right device

Baking is one activity that you can always indulge in if you want to spend some quality time with any member of your family. With the use of the proper machinery, and the right ingredients, you can not only prepare some of the finest baked items, but also have a great deal of fun while doing so. Be it baking cakes for any occasion, making jams of different kinds or even baking bread for your daily consumption, this Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine is a great tool that can ease your efforts.


The machine is lightweight and easily portable

Can be used in 12 different settings to prepare a variety of bread types

Contains non-stick components that are easy to clean and maintain

The machine is extremely user-friendly

With a price tag of less than $50, the machine easily fits all kinds of budgets


Operation can be quite noisy

Overheats when in use for long durations

Customer Reviews

Most customer reviews and opinions about this item have been positive. Users have largely claimed this machine to be useful and beneficial in making different types of bread for a variety of occasions. Even daily users of the product have given positive feedback about this bread maker. There have, however, been a few users who have claimed the noisy operation as a major flaw of this machine. Some customers have also complained about the overheating nature of the machine when using it for long hours. Barring these issues, most users have rated this bread maker positively.

Final Verdict

Given the fact that bread makers do tend to make some noise do to the great deal of work they have to do for the baking process, the noisy operation of this machine can certainly be overlooked. Also, if you need to use this item for long hours, you should switch it off for a while in between. This will ensure that it does not overheat due to longer use.

The machine also features a Delay Timer to help you counter the overheating issues so that you can postpone the baking procedures whenever needed. With all the features on offer and the ways to counter the few issues, this certainly is one of the finest bread-making machines that you can find within the budget of $50.

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