Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine – Best Choice Under $50

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Oster 2 Pound Expressbake Bread Machine
Oster 2 Pound Expressbake Bread Machine

The Oster 2 Pound Expressbake Bread Machine would be well suited for customers with larger needs (families or flatmates) as it can handle up to 2 pounds of bread at a time. It is also the best choice for under $50.00 as it has a variety of setting for different preferences.

The delay feature means you can plan ahead and have the bread ready at a later stage, which comes in handy. You can prepare the ingredients on the night before and have fresh bread available for breakfast in the morning. Or you can make sure you have a fresh loaf of perfectly made bread waiting for you when you come home from work. Especially if you commute, this will ensure that you do not have to stop to pick up bread on the way home anymore, giving you more quality time. You can delay the start for up to 13 hours, which gives it a huge flexibility.

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Another feature that allows for flexibility is the large amount of variations you can get. Want your bread to be crispy and dark? Or do you prefer something on the lighter and softer side? There is no limit to the variations, as the settings are not fixed. They can be changed, so you can have a big, crusty loaf, a small, soft one or a big, soft yet dark one. The adjustment of the settings is quite user friendly, as it is straightforward, accessible and it comes with a large display to track the progress of your home-made bread.

For those who are in a rush, the Oster also comes with an “expressbake” setting, which allows for the bread to be finished within an hour. Forgot to put the ingredients in the night before? No problem, as the expressbake setting will allow for you to enjoy fresh bread in almost no time at all.

There is no limit to what you can bake as well, as the mixer and baking machine allows for a large array of recipes to be used. Recipes can be found online or researched, or even invented yourself as you can try out your preferences and learn which ingredients and settings are perfect for you. Over a short period of time, if you’re willing to do a bit of trial and error, you can learn to be a master baker. Or, you can stick to a recipe that you found, that works and have it perfect every time.

It can even be used to create other baked goods such as bagels, but you will need to shape the dough into a bagel before you put it in, which would increase the workload to a small extent.

The bread machine is really user friendly. There are only 4 settings to choose from, and you can adjust them all individually to make sure you get it perfect every time (these are timer/delay, crust, size, and type of bread).

Oster 2 Pound Expressbake Bread Machine
Oster 2 Pound Expressbake Control Panel

This Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine kneads the dough for you, so you do not have to worry about getting your hands dirty at all. The work is done by the machine – the kneading, the raising and the baking. You simply put the ingredients in and get on with your day (or night) as you wish. Measurements need to be adhered to, as the recipes demand. And the manufacturers cannot take responsibility for a recipe not working out. But the easy to use step by step instructions make it hard to mess up.

The bread machine is also easy to clean, as it has a non-stick surface inside. This means the crumbs or bits of dough come off right away without having to rub, scratch or use anything other than a wipe.

The general feedback for this product has been encouraging. The manufacturers – Oster – make sure to approach issues and answer questions. Mostly positive feedback stems from the straightforward ease with which this product can be used. It has a non-stick surface inside the area that holds the bread, so there are no worries about crumbling the finished bread up.

Allergies are another big issue for people in today’s world. This, too can be averted and this has also been a great selling point for buyers of this product.

This bread maker has had good reviews from people with allergies. The most prominent issue for people with a gluten intolerance or people who are celiac is that they would need to buy specialist bread in the supermarket and can never be quite sure that they are receiving something that doesn’t taste that great. Using this bread machine completely erases that problem, as you can be 100% sure that the finished product – your home-made loaf of bread – contains only the ingredients you put in.

The Oster Expressbake Bread Machine seems to have been a hit especially with professionals and people who work full time and therefore do not have the time to prepare dough freshly every time (which means the time delay feature comes in handy for these buyers).

One of the biggest concerns in today’s society is that produce that is purchased in supermarkets comes with lots of additives. This can be averted by making your own bread. This has been one of the biggest reasons to buy a bread machine. When reading the label of a store-bought loaf of bread, we all notice that it has so many additives, which are untraceable and cause a lot of insecurity as to what exactly is in the products you are buying and feeding your family.

Best Choice for Under $50.

The best bread has to be purchased fresh every day. This bread machine takes a lot of the hassle away, so that you don’t need as many trips to the store. The only ingredients that need to be purchased can be bought in bulk, which brings the price for them down yet again. There is only a very small amount of effort needed to put the ingredients (which can be hyper allergenic and gluten free) in. Hypoallergenic, gluten free or specialist bread costs a lot more than regular bread, which means that the relatively small investment of under $50 is going to be worth it even quicker. It gets you peace of mind, convenience, and allows for your personal preferences to be met.

At the price of less than $50 this investment would pay for itself remarkably quickly.

With the ingenious express bake or time delay features it can really help organising your day and makes having fresh bread available at any time a lot easier than having to drive to the shop where you can only buy bread with ingredients that you aren’t quite sure about.

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