Oster Bread Makers – Pros and Cons Of The Popular Brand

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If you are someone who likes to bake and enjoys the pleasure of homemade bread, then an Oster bread maker is something you should definitely consider. Before purchasing a bread maker, there are generally some things you should check out for, some of which are reliability, confirm that is easy to use and has a good timer.

Check out the most popular Oster bread maker if you’re looking for a budget friendly option.

The Oster bread makers come in various sizes and capacity, each differing in their various features but there are some general things that are specific to this popular brand of bread makers.

It is important to mention that a bread maker is not a cheap investment and it is wise that you know some of the pros and cons of buying a bread maker and work accordingly. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Oster brand of bread makers.


Large Capacity: The bread makers of the Oster brand are known for their large capacity, making up to 2 pounds of bread in a single unit. This makes it suitable for a large family or in the occasion where you have numerous guests, you won’t have to reload the bread maker too many times.

Numerous Settings: Most of the Oster bread makers have a diverse number of settings, some of up to 18 bread settings. This feature of numerous settings is not limited to just the bread, there are also settings for crust and dough.

Warranty: This is an important feature of bread makers and kitchen appliances which tends to get overlooked. Check to see the validity period of the warranty, with the Oster bread maker, you get a one-year warranty on all their products.


Kneading Paddles: It is common for Oster bread makers to have single kneading paddles and this can affect how quickly the bread bakes. It is also a common occurrence for the kneading paddle to get stuck in the bread, creating a hole in the center of the bread when taken out.

Size of Screen: The size of the viewing screen on the Oster brands are little and can be made larger to see the progress of the bread more clearly.

Loud Signals: When your bread is done baking, the machine prompts you of its completion, however, this signal can be a little bit loud. This loudness of signal is one of the cons of the Oster bread makers.

Two of the best Oster bread makers are the Oster CKSTBRTW20 and the Oster 5838. The former, Oster CKSTBRTW20 has features that are particular to it and works excellently. It’s express bake feature bakes bread within an hour, offering 9 different settings that ensure you bake your bread as easily as possible.

The Oster 5838 is smaller in size and doesn’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter. It also has the express bake feature and bakes bread in 58 minutes, has different settings and with the warm function it keeps your bread warm for up to an hour even after baking.

These Oster bread makers are available to buy on Amazon,com, where you can see what customers are saying about them in their reviews, and pick them up for the lowest prices, with fast shipping.

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