Panasonic home bakery 1 loaf type Brown SD-BMT1001-T

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Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T
Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T

Owning a Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T is like having your own bakery in your home. It can produce incredibly tasty food you can choose from the list of programs of all kinds. Luckily, healthier living and eating is becoming more popular, and people pay more attention on what they eat and the way it is prepared.

Imagine a wonderful aroma that will remind you every day of a French bakery that you have visited in Paris will be the number one reason to make your own bread at home. Due to the busy lifestyle we are living, reason number two would be the use of healthier ingredients.

Check out the Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T if you want to make pizza dough as well as different types of bread

You are able to choose the ingredients and avoid preservatives and artificial ingredients that are used in commercially prepared breads. Bakeries use it in order to extend the life of the bread on their shelves or to boost flavor. It is wise to avoid it if you can.

When making your own bread, you can choose the highest quality flours, eggs, dairy and sugar and trans fats level. Whole grains have more fiber and nutrients than regular white flour, but sometimes it can be expensive to buy it every day. This way, you can save and boost nutrition at the same time. All nutritionists advise that. And finally, if you are still not convinced, something impossible to compare is the taste of homemade bread. If you are still not convinced, let’s go through new upgraded version of Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T bread machine.

Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T Review

Panasonic offers a range of bread machines. The new upgraded version SD-BMT1001-T is not only one of the best bread machines offered, but it can also make all sorts of delicious treats. You can adjust the speed of kneading materials and turn on timer to make pain de mie (soft bread), French bread, rice bread or bread for sandwiches, as soft as you like it. You can adjust everything according to your taste and your family’s. For passionate Italian food lovers, try making your own fresh pizza and pasta dough. The taste will be special.

With easy auto-injection mechanism, raisins would be automatically mixed evenly into your raisin bread. The same goes for all kinds of nuts, spices or any other ingredients you might add. Soft ingredients (like cheese, bacon or olives) can be mixed using coarse mixing function.

With more than 30 programs offered, the varieties you can make are endless. Just use your imagination and explore new things all the time. Make every day a different breakfast for your family like pain de mie with different syrup or brioche, croissant, bagel, mocha or udon. The options are numerous. Put jelly, chocolate or just make a topping cream for your delicious dough. You can also try homemade milk chocolate (try mixing white or dark or use it cold or warm), compote or marble bread with coffee, for example.

This Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T bread machine already got 5 star reviews from mostly satisfied customers, for all the aspects included: features, quality, performance, versatility and price. This new 2018 upgrade will, in our opinion, attract even more customers and convince them how practical and enjoyable home making bread is. It is designed for 1-pound loaf bread. It bakes bread in duration of 1-3 hours, with a 13-hour possible delay timer. It comes with a handy instruction manual and a recipe book, dispensers, measuring spoon and measuring cup etc.

Panasonic is famous for its numerous bread machines. With many similar versions, this bread machine gets updated all the time, with the appearance color for example, to make an extra modern touch in your kitchen. And it always adds some new feature, such as already mentioned marble bread, for example. We already hear positive comments from satisfied customers about it.

Listening to customers’ needs, Panasonic enabled the SD-BMT1001-T bread machine to be extremely quiet. If spending a lot of your time in the kitchen, you won’t even notice that the machine is kneading. With its new dimensions (10.3 x 14.7 x 14.7 inches) and weighting only 15.04 pounds, it is practical and easy to use. And on the other side, it can be easily placed and adapted to every kitchen. It is completely portable, as well.

Just follow the instructions and you will easily get proficiency in all the programs and tricks, and you will definitely use it all the time. There are many tips you will find on how to make a perfect crunchy crust and a soft interior. Follow the recipes before you make some of your own, use a gram scale, fresh ingredients, clean water, low fat milk etc. Whether you will follow new recipes every day and invent new kinds of croissants for every breakfast, or you will try to follow your old grandma’s recipes and try to make them back to life, you will enjoy it. We are sure of that.

More on the positive sides, it is definitely a good value for your money. You will make a high quality food for your family and friends in a much healthier way. Spoil the members of your family with light, fluffy or crunchy crust and they will never buy commercial things in the bakery again.

That is because they will know how it should really taste like. Use your creativity and invent new stuff, or include your family members in preparing the food. Children will love the game on a French baker, with chocolate crisps, coconut and sliced almonds. Let  them help you and prepare their own pizza dough when inviting their friends over.

If there are some negative sides of this bread machine at all, maybe it can be a little demanding to go through the entire instruction manual and the recipes. The best way we can advise you is to use an official Panasonic Hong Kong website and use the English version for your bread machine. There are also many handy tutorial videos and tips you could use, from customers or professional bakers. You only need minimal technological skills for this

To conclude, we highly recommend the Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T bread machine. All the numerous positive sides we have enlisted already are more than enough to convince you to start using it and enjoy it daily. Make your own bread, cakes, brioche, croissant, bagel or cookies legendary among your friends and family and create your own unusual recipes, as a professional baker. Give them the highest-quality ingredients with the best taste they have ever had.

You can purchase the Panasonic SD-BMT1001-T bread machine online on for the best price, and have it delivered in just a few days, straight to your door.