Panasonic Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T Bread Maker

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Do you want a machine for bread making that can make a tall 1-pound loaf ready within an hour? Then the Panasonic Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T is what you need.

This automatic bread making machine has been serving consumers for almost 20 years and it comes in different colors. It can produce a tall loaf of bread that weighs a full pound but the time taken to get a loaf done depends on the timer’s setting.

Time taken to make bread ready for your consumption is between 1 to 3 hours depending on the timer settings. To prevent staying longer than necessary to make a loaf ready, be sure to set the delay timer so that as soon as it goes off, the bread maker starts.

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Check out the Panasonic Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T Bread Maker if you like to be in control of what goes into your bread

Panasonic Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T Bread Maker Review


The Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T Bread Maker is designed to sit comfortably on your counter as it does the entire work of kneading your dough. There’s never a need for you to stress your knuckles because it will knead the dough thoroughly in an automatic way.

The cute bread making machine will do beyond making just a perfect homemade loaf but a piping hot fresh bread, that’s why the bread maker is optimized, reassuring you to bake much more.

On the yeast dispenser, add yeast at the highest point in the flour mixture process. The machine is also manufactured with a fruit and nuts’ dispenser to add either in the mixing process. Then regulate the machine’s settings that go from basic bread to jam.


The model SD-BMT1000-T Bread Maker has a large LCD display and is not a heavy machine for commercial use but great for a professional kitchen. It works excellently from making specialty bread to udon, etc. Whatever the type of bread you love most, this electric bread maker is designed to handle it efficiently. Do you also like a fresh and beautiful pizza crust? Ready for the toppings? This is another excellent work it does.

When compared with the previous model of Panasonic bread making machines, the SD-BMT1000-T as an updated review of 2018, has an excess of pre-programmed settings for French bread, basic bread, rice bread, whole wheat bread, marble bread, rye bread, dough, brioche, pizza dough, red bean bread, pasta, cake, udon, steamed bread, mocha, compote, quick bake, chocolate, jam, and much more.

The model SD-BMT1000-T also comes with a recipe book with varieties of selective choices, even some of the Japanese ones. More so, it was manufactured along with instruction manual. Additionally, a removable bake pan that has two kneading blades (one for bread and the other for mochi/noodles) is also included.


The Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T model is the top choice in the kitchens of the professional bakers. If you are a baker who is yet to use this product, it’s time to experience the best bread maker, any kitchen can boast to have. It’s indeed good value for the money!

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