Pros and Cons of the Black and Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-pound Bread Maker

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Black & Decker B6000CThe benefits of enjoying your home-baked bread lies in the possession of a good bread maker. Owning a bread maker has various contributions to a healthy life, this is because you know exactly which ingredients that are going into your bread.

You also can also use your favorite flavors and additives to bake the bread of your choice. For those who savor on authentic bred and highly dislike the idea of buying bread from the store, purchasing a bread maker would be a great step forward. It is one of the most interesting assets you can add to your kitchen.

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A good bread maker should be reliable, user-friendly and efficient in terms of energy use. It should also possess features that enable you to bake the bread vertically or horizontally and able to bake the desired size as well as different types of bread. You should buy a bread maker that facilitates release of ingredients when they are required. In addition, bread makers with two kneading paddles are better choices to look out for as they are more reliable. Also, look out for one that bakes high quality bread and one with a digitized timer and microprocessor.

Despite the many brands and models of bread makers available on the market, be sure to look out for one that is efficient, friendly and long-lasting. One that is always reliable, which is the one we are going to look at in this review.

Black and Decker B6000C Deluxe 3- pound Bread Maker

This model of bread maker is one of the best and favorable in the market. With this bread maker, you are can bake from 1.5, 2 up to 3 lb loaves of bread. It also possesses features such as 10 pre-programmed settings that makes it user friendly and efficient. When using the Black and Decker bread maker, you can delay the process as it has a 13 hours bake delay setting that is very favorable, especially if you like super fresh bread in the mornings. For suitability purposes, the bread maker has a crust control setting whereby you can automatically adjust the baking temperatures either for a regular or dark crust.

The bread maker has an amazing low-carb setting. This makes it a good choice if you prefer to live a healthy lifestyle. Not many bread makers have this special feature to go by. It is easy to make a combination of the ingredients you prefer to use for your personal health benefits.

The bread maker is able to prepare more than one items. It is possible to bake pizza and cakes as well using this machine. The Black and Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-pound Bread Maker is designed in such a way that you will love it in your kitchen, this model is a superb quality baking machine. It is highly portable and easy to move and carry around.

It has a pan that tightly and securely locks everything in use. It is also designed in consideration to users, as it’s programs and control panels are easily accessible and also clear to follow through. Even if you are a little older in years, you can comfortably use this bread maker without much struggle on how to operate it. However, small it may seem, it is very efficient.

However, the Black and Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-pound Bread Maker has its advantages and disadvantages as outlined below.


i. Low carb setting. This additional feature is very important since it enables you to bake breads that have low carbohydrates and a higher proportion of fats. This contributes to weight loss and generally healthy eating. Currently, many bread varieties available in supermarkets have high sugar levels and more starch, thus making them unhealthy.

ii. Larger bread capacity. The bread maker enables you to make larger quantities  at once and bake huge loaves. The 3 pound loaf is large enough and can be cut into half to get two normal-sized loaves. It also produces the loaves in traditional horizontal and vertical shapes rather than some ordinary shapes. The ability to make multiple recipes is also a plus.

iii. Saves on space. The bread maker is relatively small in size and easily portable. It will only occupy limited space in your kitchen thus maintaining tidiness. You can also relocate it depending on where you want to bake from.


i. The Black and Decker bread maker does not make a 1 pound loaf. This could be a challenge in the case whereby you only want to bake a very small loaf for a smaller household, therefore, a smaller version might be a better choice, as it will save on any waste.

ii. Noise. The bread maker produces quite a loud beeping noise notifying you to add ingredients. This might not be so friendly in a quiet environment or a house with a small child, you might find the noise is a bit disturbing.

iii. Hard to clean. The pan is difficult to clean hence may tend to take up more of your time. Furthermore, you may have to use a substantial amount of water and detergent to achieve the previous state of the pan.

Despite it’s drawbacks, we think that the god points certainly outweigh the bad, and you will find this bread maker a great asset for getting creative, and bake numerous types of bread quickly and easily, whether savory or sweet.


Compared to many other brands of bread makers, the Black and Decker bread maker is a smart choice. This is no doubt that it is a great machine following the many positive reviews from customers who have already used this product. It is a top listed product at and you can easily purchase yours for one of the best prices.

The Black and Decker Bread Maker. It is the perfect choice in terms of quality, functionality and productivity. You will be able to bake your bread exactly how you like it, and with the 13 hour bake delay setting, you can come home to the lovely aroma of freshly baked bread, ready for you in time for dinner.

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