Pros and Cons of the Cuisinart BMKR-400PC Convection Bread Maker

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So your in the market for a bread machine? Well of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Trying to find the perfect bread maker that’s easy to use, and easy to clean can sometimes be a hassle.

Let me help you on your search for the perfect one for you. I have done a little research myself on this particular bread maker. So what is this Cuisinart BMKR-400PC Convection Bread Maker?

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Check out the Cuisinart BMKR-400PC if you fancy making your own low carb bread

The Cuisinart BMKR-400PC Convection Bread Maker is a programmable bread machine that has movable speed and timing and that ensures secure outcomes. Its menu has 16 preset choices which include gluten-free, low carb, and artisan dough. Not to mention you can choose from 3 different bread sizes, and the 3 different crust colors. Depending on the options you choose, this machine gives you over 100 different breads to make, including sweet breads.

The machine offers a computerised alert to let you know when to add your mix’s. Also, to add to this it offers a backup system for power failure, and a timer with a start delay. This makes it quit hard to mess up your bread. This bread machine comes in stainless steel and the colour silver, which in the end, makes for easy cleaning and will last a long time.

Focusing on the Pros and Cons, here are just a few of each to help you decide if this is the bread machine for you.

Let us review some of the Pros to the Cuisinart BMKR-400PC:

1.) The Different Bread Sizes

A lot of bread machines limit your choices to only one size for your loaf of bread. The Cuisinart BMKR-400PC gives you many options on the size of bread you want to make. Whether your wanting bread for yourself or for the family, being able to choose between a 1-pound, 1.5-pound, or 2-pound loaf size, you will be able to get the amount of bread you need. So if your looking for a machine to make the extra bread you need, this is the right one for you.

Do keep in mind that making fresh bread is not like buying it in the store. Bread that you buy in the store has many preservatives in it, which makes it last longer. When making your fresh bread from your bread machine, it is best in taste if you eat it within a couple of days, unless you plan on freezing or putting it in the refrigerator.

2.) Timer With Delay/Start/ and Stop

Pick when to start the heating cycle with the goal that you can appreciate crisp bread when it’s most helpful for you. Simply put the fixings into the bread maker as coordinated in the guideline manual, set the capacity you’d like, and after that select the time that you wish for your delicious bread to start baking. You can set the Cuisinart BMKR-400PC to begin baking up to 12 hours from the time you add everything to the machine. Perfect for Holidays dinners, start it at night and will be fresh and ready to eat the next day.

The begin and stop button is also a great feature. This allows you to start and stop to add special ingredients or just pause it if need be.

3.) Three Different Color Options For Your Crust

The Cuisinart allows you to choose your crust color from light, medium, or dark. No matter what your favorite color is for your loaf of bread, you can choose it easily by hitting one easy button, and not have to stress about your loaf being too light or too dark.

Let us switch gears and look at some of the Cons:

1.) Learning the Control Panel

First things first your going to have to learn how to use your bread maker, and learning everything on the control panel. Your not going to be able to just throw in the ingredients and press start, this machine is not that easy. It may take a little familarising, but following the manual is a must with this bread maker. The control panel may be a little confusing to you at first. The buttons are spaced randomly, and are different sizes. some of the buttons are raised up, others are not.

2.) Control Panel Has Very Small Print
If you have bad eyesight, this may be a problem for you, because there is so many words on the small control panel the font size is very small. The LED display is also very small. This may cause you to have to squint, or get your glasses on.

3,) Takes Some Time Learning How To Use The Machine
Because there are so many different options to this machine, it could take some time getting use to, and learning how to use it. It may take a couple of bad turnouts before you get your bread just right.

The Cuisinart BMKR-400PC bread machine offers a lot of options and settings compared to others, and at a reasonable cost. For the most part I have seen nothing but good reviews for this product on Amazon, and the best price. Right now you can purchase for 25 percent off the original price, and with free shipping! The size of the bread maker whether your leaving it on the counter or storing it away when finished is a great size for whichever you choose.

The bread maker is dish washer safe, and the lid comes off making this an easy clean up when your all finished. I would have to say this bread maker has my vote, even if the control panel is a little difficult to read and learn, that will not put a no on the board for me. You have total control with this bread maker and can add ingredients at anytime during your baking time. The book that comes with the machine offers tons of great recipes you can try out.

Although you can buy this bread machine at many different retailers, I have found that Amazon offers the best price, and free shipping. What are you waiting for, It’s time to get your bread making on, go online to and buy yours today!

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