Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

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Hamilton Beach programmable bread machine
Hamilton Beach programmable bread machine

If you want to enjoy the smell of freshly baked every morning then Hamilton Beach programmable bread machine can be the best option for you as it performs well without much complication. If you are following a particular diet plan even then this bread machine can allow you to make the bread of your choice like whole grain bread or gluten free bread etc.

This bread machine can be programmed easily with the help of its 12 programming cycles and three settings of crust, dark, medium, or light, to give you the best bread of your choice.

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The design of this home baking automatic bread machine with outer plastic casing is very simple but attractive. It has rubber feet and silver base with white or black color outer casing. Its baking pan is made of metal and a carrying handle is provided on it to remove the freshly baked bread from it. On the top of this bread making machine there is its control panel to operate it conveniently. On its side there is a small window to see whether the bread is read to remove or not.

You can bake your bread of your choice by choosing the baking process of your choice from 1-2-3 settings so that you can add ingredients accordingly and start baking your bread. You can also make special items like cakes and jams in this machine with the help of special settings provided on it. In this way you can easily bake lovers from 1.5 pound to 2 pound as its knead paddle and non-stick pan can be cleaned easily after every use.

In this write-up Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine are briefly discussed to help you know this automatic home bread making machine more closely.


Compact design

The manufacturers of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine have designed it in a bit vertical shape than spreading it horizontally to allow you to use more space of your kitchen countertop for other important works. Moreover it is easy to handle as its weight is considerably lesser than other machines of this kind. It stands firmly on your kitchen countertop, even if it is wet, with the help of its four anti-slip feet. It has lots of features which you may not expect in an appliance of this size.

Twelve preset programming cycles

This domestic bread making machine allows you to make the bread of your choice with the help of its 12 programmable settings. Its 12 setting cycle include basic, French, gluten free, quick, sweet, 1.5 pound express, 2.0 pound express, dough, jam and cake. Its express setting allows you to bake your 1.5 pound or 2.0 pound dough within an hour just by including quick rising yeast in it. You can prepare dough for your rolls, pizza crust, French bread and baguettes in its dough setting. Its sweet mode allows you to bake a sweet bread by adding grated coconut, raisins, chocolate and other sweet ingredients, which may require a bit more time than your basic bread. You can also make cakes for some special occasion in it with its Cake setting.

Precise Controls

You can control the time taken for kneading the dough with the help of its precise controls. It also warns you to add nuts, fruits and other things in the dough by making an adequately audible sound. In this way, it becomes easier to handle while special breads like gluten free, organic or some traditional bread. Unlike other bread makers of this type you only have to add ingredients in this bread machine and rest will be taken care by it automatically. You need not use your hands to make dough while adding additives into it as a flipper on its bottom kneads your dough perfectly. While making these special breads you can take help of the recipe book provided with this bread maker.

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Though Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine has a number of positive features still some of its users have complained about some of its shortcomings like:

Knead paddle

Some of its users have pointed out that the knead paddle of this bread machine become loose and consequently get baked inside the bread. It can be harmful if handled carelessly as the handle gets hot, so it should be handled causiously when removing from the bread.

Careful baking

Some of its users have not found its set it and forget it feature of this machine up to the mark. They have to remain vigilant initially while starting to make dough as the amount of flour provided in the recipe may not be enough to make consistent dough. Moreover, you may have to scrape the dough from the corners of the pan.

Inefficient baking

Some of them have also complained about the stability of the pan during kneading process. Some complained about inadequate rising of the bread in light crust setting as compared to other bread makers in this class. In this way this bread maker is not as per the expectations of some of its consumers.


According to the pros and cons of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread making machine provided in this write-up, it is the best bread maker for the people with limited budget due to its reasonable price and efficient performance. Though, some of its users have complained for certain issues but such personalised issues cannot be generalised as they are very few in number compared to its positive reviews. Thus, you can make up your mind to buy it, if it fits to the bread making needs for your family.

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So buy your Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine as soon as possible to enjoy the flavour of freshly baked bread in your home. It is worthwhile to spend your money on it as it is the most suitable bread making device for any household.

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