Rosewill R-BM-01 Ultra Fast Programmable Bread Maker

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Rosewill R-BM-01 Ultra Fast Programmable Bread Maker
Rosewill R-BM-01 Ultra Fast Programmable Bread Maker

The Rosewill R-BM-01 Ultra Fast Programmable Bread Maker is a modern kitchen must-have appliance. The Bread maker is designed to ease your bread making process, making it more suitable for all who are new to making their own bread. It has been programmed to meet the user’s need, this is made possible through the various options on the upper side of the bread maker.

The user selects the most suitable option depending how he/she wants the bread made. From bake time setting, loaf size, to the preferred colour, the room is left with appetising smells as the whole baking process is executed by this magnificent bread maker.

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The digital timer is one which has been designed to meet user special needs and not found in some other bread makers, it gives an option to set the bake time at various intervals, that is, up to 13 hours delay-time.

This is much more convenient as they can have their bread hot and ready in the morning before heading to work or in the afternoon after leaving work. The bread maker is defined as a professional chef as it does all the baking work with ease and efficiency. All the user has to do is pour in the ingredients, the mixing and kneading will all be done at the touch of a button, now that’s cool, right!


The Ultra Fast programmable Bread Maker is characterized by different features which all make it stand out from other bread makers, this include;

– Its makes loaves weighing (750g – 900g).

– It has sixty minutes “warm” function.

– Has a non-stick and kneading blade.

– A delay timer of up to 13 hours.

– Has an adjustable crust-control.

– It has twelve digital programs that can be adjusted by the user at any time.

– An ultra-fast programmed setting that bakes bread within one hour.

– Well textured non slip feet.

It has been characterized by the above features which make it an all-in-one bread maker that focuses mostly on the user needs and preferences.


A reliable professional is all that defines this cool bread maker, the features are all designed to not only give the user the best baked loaves but also the best experience. With this appliance, you will definitely love baking and love the pleasant morning smell in your room every day you have it work for you. Firstly, the bread maker is installed with 12 digital programs, that is, French, Wholewheat, Quick, Basic, Ultra-Fast I and II, Jam, Sandwich, Bake, and Dough.

All these programs are meant to meet the user requirements and to deliver on expectations. The user gets a lot of benefits from the multiple programs as the baking workload is reduced on a higher percentage thus increasing on efficiency in producing the best baked bread. Like this? Well, the appliance has additional crust-control programs that make the whole experience even better, the crust control gives options on how you want the crust baked, that is, light, dark, or even medium.

Thirdly, you get an adjustable sixty minutes “warm” function and a 13-hours delay timer. The delay timer mostly gives the user the option to let the bread bake overnight or during the day when not in a hurry, this is of great advantage as the user always gets the bread ready when its needed the most. With the “warm” function, the user can bake the bread and keep it  warm it for the desired period of up to 60 minutes, well you’ll be having your bread ever-warm with this appliance.

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Fourthly, the Ultra-Fast program installed in the bread maker sorts all time management issues with the tap of a button. The user has the option to use the program for the baking to start and finish within one hour. Making bread in less than one hour in your room doesn’t sound realistic but the Rosewill R-BM-01 Ultra Fast Programmable Bread Maker surely makes it a reality. The user saves on time with this option and can always rely on the appliance when in a hurry.

The bread maker is made of plastic material, kneading blade and a non-sticking pan, all the removeable parts are  suitable for putting in the dishwasher. The plastic material is hard to break and can be washed with other plastic appliances. All this greatly reduce the user workload by an even bigger margin, the user can easily do duties after the bread making process is complete and let the dishwasher handle most of the cleaning.

Lastly, the bread maker makes loaves weighing between (750g – 900g), this means, a loaf made will feed a large family making an important appliance for large families. It just combines all the features to one huge benefit to be enjoyed by the buyer. The buyer has got so much to accrue from having this bread maker, from saving time, efficiency, to getting the best made bread, all this is just priceless.


Making the best bread is the reality with the Rosewill R-BM-01 Ultra Fast Programmable Bread Maker. A variety of options are given to spice up your experience and give you that tastiest bread you haven’t had in long time. Whether baking dinner bread or breakfast bread, the bread maker is the best option to learn experience best bread making in just a few hours or in less than an hour.

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