Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker

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Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker
Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker

It is fun baking bread right into your very own kitchen, experiencing the aromatic fragrance of the delicious, tasty and appetising bread with this Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker. It measures 18×12-1/5 by 15 inches. It is a multipurpose bread machine that ensures you an easy operation of the unit. All you have to do is you have to prepare all the exact ingredients measured by its measuring spoon and cups and just put it inside the bread maker. Then leave it all to the machine, and let it do all the work like mixing and kneading of the bread until it is perfectly baked.

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It also offers you lots of selections from its 12 menus choices by means of the touch pad controls. The 12 menus allow you to choose the type of bread that you want to bake, like, Italian, basic or white, whole wheat bread, sweet bread, gluten free, packaged mixed, quick bread, dough, pasta dough, jams, bake only and rapid bake.

It allows you to bake 1, 1-1/2 up to 2 pounds of loaf which should be adequate for most households. If you want the crust on your bread light, dark or medium you are free to choose because it has 3 crust settings, it also includes recipes that enable you to bake different kinds of breads

This bread machine has a viewing window where in it enables you to view your ingredients while the machine does it’s work. It also has a 13 hour delay start timer where in if you have an important errand to make, or want it for the morning you can delay your baking within 13 hours. The Rosewill RHBM-15001 also has durable stay cool handles which allows you to handle it without burning your hands.

This machine also has a power failure back up so that it holds the memory of its operation in 15 minutes until the power returns back again. Cleaning it up is also easy because you can just remove the removable kneading paddle and bread pan and wash it with your own hands in the dishwasher. The rest of the unit, you can just wipe with a damp cloth.

The Rosewill RHBM-15001 Bread Maker is a great entry level product made by an industry leading manufacturer. Having already had great success with the Rosewill BBPAC20 this product is aimed at those people who would like to make smaller loaves of bread with a minimum of fuss.If you are perhaps a single homeowner, a retired couple or perhaps have a small family, the RHBM-15001 with its small one pound batch size is the appliance for you.

Buy the Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker at

Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker

The product itself is also fairly light weight at around 15 pound and is quite mobile with a handle to carry it around your kitchen or store away easily in a cupboard. The 8 x 11 x 12 inch dimension also ensure it can store easily or even sit on a kitchen worktop without taking up too much valuable space.

A key feature of the Rosewill RHBM-15001 is the 13 hour delay timer. This will allow you to set the bread making process at your convenience. In effect this means that you can set it to come on when you are at work or fast asleep in bed. The effective result being a batch of tasty delicious bread when you want it.

For convenience the mini bread maker also comes with a two hour rapid bake cycle. This is a great programmable function given that the usual cycle for many other bread makers can be almost double this time period.

The product itself is very versatile and can make many different types of bread with two different crust settings. Types of bread which can be made include Basic bread (both regular and firm), soft, and French. The appliance can also mix and make a range of doughs for further over baking and is even highly proficient at cakes and jams.

For anyone with little experience of bread makers, the Rosewill RHBM-15001 Bread Maker ships with a detailed manual, and recipe guide and a DVD to get even the most nervous of bakers started, and give useful tips.

Bread making with an automatic bread machine is a great little hobby that will take up little of your time but deliver great tasting results which will impress friends and family alike. It is also a great way to save money on store bread and for you to control the healthy ingredients that go into your bread. At less than two hundred dollars this is a highly dependable and effective appliance and one that will provide many batches of delicious home baked bread for all the family to enjoy.

When it comes to making crusts, you can select from light, medium and dark. There is also a plain heating option which puts the browning control completely in your own hands. This bake only function also comes in handy if you want to bake shop bought dough.

The bread making process is also placed fully in your control. With a 13 hour timer you can decide to set the timer before you go to bed or go to work. The bread making process will then kick in whenever you have programmed it do so. There are also start and stop buttons to allow the process to be controlled at your convenience.

The Rapid bake option also allows for a very quick turn around if you want to bake a basic loaf in a hurry.

The silver finish looks sleek and the stay cool handles ensure you wont burn yourself when the appliance heats up. The viewing window also adds to the excitement in that you can see your bread mix, rise and crust to perfection. This also stops you opening the lid which is one of the main reasons why many loaves fail.

The general view of this bread maker is that it is robust, versatile and delivers well. The Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker has received many positive customer reviews which again is testimony to a great well made appliance.

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Most customers have been very pleased with the Rosewill RHBM-15001, and have given it a 5 out 5 star rating, it comes at a good price, and it easy to use and clean.

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