T-FAL PF111 Balanced Living Programmable Automatic Bread Machine

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T-FAL PF111 Balanced Living Programmable Automatic Bread Machine

Get treated to the amazing wholesome goodness and tastefulness of freshly baked homemade bread courtesy of none other than the T-Fal PF111 Balanced Living Bread maker. With this amazing product, you can bake an assortment of fresh, nutritious bread as inspired by its 12 simple to operate pre-programmed settings that include French, Whole wheat, Pizza, swear, jam, bake only, dough and best of all, gluten free bread. It also avails the choice for rapid baking.

What’s more, you can bake either a 1.5lb or even a 2lbs loaf of using its amazing non-stick pan-which is an amazing way to ensure your family is treated to whole grains the entire time. With its exclusive (15-hour delayed) start function, nothing prevents you from waking up an aroma of freshly baked wholesome bread. All you need to do is simply program all your ingredients /recipe overnight and leave the rest to it! And if this is not enough, the T-fal PF111 Bread machine offers you an hour of keeping your freshly made bread warm.

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If you need to alter the look or even tailor your taste, all you need is to go for the three exclusive crust settings-light, medium and dark and all is set! Finally, to ease your baking process, this bread maker comes with a convenient measuring cup plus a subsequent measuring spoon all designed to assist you to measure all your ingredients.


· Prepares a 1.5 pound and 2-pound vertical, square loaf

· Baking time: 1to3 hours

· 15-hour delay timer

· Design: Stainless steel with an up-to-the-minute black lid

· Big viewing window

· Menu comprising text and graphics

· Numerous pre-programmed settings: basic, French, whole wheat, gluten-free, sweet, jam, rapid 1.5 and 2 pounds, cake dough, baking only, and sandwich

· Accompanied by a recipe book, instruction manual, detachable bake pan comprising one kneading blade, measuring cup and measuring spoon.

Product Review

Performance and Features:

One of the most common statements from anyone that has had a firsthand experience with this machine is its amazingly delicious bread which explains its high ratings and of course popularity. Why? Compared to other brands, the T-Fal automatic bread maker stirs your ingredients to perfection. It features among others a keep-warm function and as such, you can be rest-assured to find your bread warm and set for serving as soon as you arrive home.

In addition, it also features a handy delay start provision that enables you to bake overnight by delaying your baking for an approximate 15 hours. As such, you can get home from work or simply wake up to freshly made wholesome bread.

It also has a characteristic beep sound that goes off to alert you to add extra ingredients. And the catch of it all, the unit needs just 15 minutes to preheat which therefore means it takes minimal time preparing your favorite delicacy.

Buy the T-Fal PF111 Balanced Living Bread maker at Amazon.com

T-Fal PF111 Balanced Living Bread maker

Programs and Settings:

The T-fal PF111 automatic bread machine offers you a variety of options for your disposal courtesy of its numerous programs that include: basic, gluten-free, French, sweet, whole wheat, quick 1.5 and 2-pound, sandwich, cake, dough, jam, and baking only. The fact that this machine is well able to knead your dough devoid of baking it and subsequently baking it without kneading ensures that it offers a comprehensive baking experience convenient and useful even for novices. With this, it allows you to stretch your imagination and make virtually any item of your choice.

Finally, it is designed to allow you a choice between 3 main colors for your bread crust mainly light, medium and of course dark.

Design and Accessories

The T-Fal Automatic gluten-free bread maker measures an approximate 16 x 12 x 13.5 inches with an accompanying weight of about 14.8 pounds. This machine produces bread in two distinct sizes mainly 1.5 and 2 pound-sized loaves. It features a striking durable and stylish stainless steel casing complimented by black accents which make it a wonderful complimentary accessory to your kitchenware.

Its pad and paddle are both detachable and subsequently dishwasher safe eradicating the need for a wash with each use. In addition, this unit also boasts a hook accessory which facilitates safe lifting out and consequent kneading of its paddle. Finally, this machine comes equipped with an exclusive measuring spoon and cup both which work well in helping you prepare various recipes.

Warranty and Support

Warranties are an ideal way to ascertain how much a firm has a faith in its product. This particular product comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. In addition to the warranty, T-Fal is greatly complimented by a dedicated support team that assists you with all your queries ensuring that you have an easy time adapting to the machine.

Benefits of the features customers:

Flexibility: Thanks to the compact and light form factor, you can move around and easily restore this bread maker if need be. What’s more, it allows your diversity when it comes to the bread sizes you need to prepare- a convenient factor for anyone that loves baking.

Convenience: Quiet: With its unique 15-hour delay provision, this bread machine can allow you make your bread quietly into the night with minimal disturbance. In fact, even an intruder would not notice anything cooking in the house.

Cost Saver: By incorporating a gluten-free setting, not only does this machine introduce you to healthy and nutritious bread but also saves you the costs you would endure purchasing the slightly expensive over time gluten-free bread

Ease of Use: Having a machine to help you carry out an activity is convenient, but operating the machine can at times be tasking and confusing especially when it is slightly complicated. But this is not the case with the T-Fal automatic bread maker. It is equipped with a series of programs and settings that ease your work. All you need to do is closely follow every instruction and you are good to go!

Affordability: Generally, very few products guarantee the user money value. However, considering the baking options, subsequently programmed settings, and service offered by this machine, it can be said to be amazingly affordable.


For anyone that loves the smell, texture and of course taste of freshly baked bread but detest the amount of work and time that comes with preparing it, then the T-FAL PF111 Balanced Living Programmable Automatic Bread Machine would be one worthwhile investment. There is simply just about nothing to dislike about it. Aside from being visually –appealing, it simply does an amazing job with preparing your bread.

In addition to coming offering a host of functional settings, it offers exceptional performance under a significantly small footprint. Moreover, it allows you to prepare your delicacies overnight with minimal hustles and disturbance and better yet, it comes with among the boldest designs in the industry which make it a wonderful complement to any kitchen.

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