The Breadman 2 lb Professional Bread Maker Review: A Quality Bread Machine

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Breadman 2 Lb Professional Bread Maker, stainless steel
Breadman 2 Lb Professional Bread Maker, stainless steel

Bread is one of the most important parts of everyday meal. Do you want to prepare bread at your home using your own ingredients? If yes, then you will need an efficient and great bread maker. This is undoubtedly the healthiest and best option to do so as you can put the best and freshest ingredients of your choice.

So, if you are looking for a good and efficient bread maker then Breadman 2 Lb Professional Bread Maker, stainless steel is one of the best options that you can consider. It comes with several interesting features which make it a versatile choice. With the help of this professional bread maker you will be able to get a perfect result every time. Read on to know more about this bread maker and why you should buy this one!

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Important Features & Specifications

You can create different sized and colours of loaf for different preferences

There are 14 Pre-Programmed settings for baking different types of breads

It comes with a 15-hour delay timer

Another addition is an automatic dispenser for excess fruits and nuts

It comes with a large viewing window and digital display

There are also some push buttons for controlling functions

It is made up of refined and durable stainless steel exterior

How Are The Features Beneficial?

The versatility of the product is based on its features. Undoubtedly, this bread maker has some great features which are highly beneficial for you.

Different load size & colors: With the help of this professional bread maker, you will be able to create a perfect loaf of your choice There are 3 different sizes of loafs that you can prepare in this maker i.e. 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb. Even this professional BK1050S bread maker offers you to prepare breads in 3 different shades of colour. So, you can choose one from the light, medium and dark based on your own needs or preference. Thus, you will be able to experiment with the colour and sizes according to your choice.

14 pre-programmed settings: This professional bread maker comes with 14 different pre-programmed settings for baking. With so many options like sweet bread, French bread, low carb, artisan dough, gluten free, pizza bread, jam and many more you can make any types of bread you want. This is all in one bread maker which is ideally for any professional bread making store. So, if you are love with breads then you can surely continue doing some experiments with these settings.

Buy the Breadman 2 Lb Professional Bread Maker, stainless steel at

15-hour delay timer: This timer helps to ease your entire planning process of the bread. It will ensure that the loaves are done exactly when you need them. So, it will help you to indulge yourself in some hot, ready to serve breads. The baking process mainly slows down with this timer so that you can get it done exactly at the time you need them.

Automatic fruit & nut dispenser: This is another great features of this Breadman 2 Lb Professional Bread Maker. This makes it easier for you to add more fruits and nuts if required or you want in some of the sophisticated loaves. This dispenser holds all the ingredients before you start baking and then it automatically adds them to the baking process. So, if you want to add some more nuts on the top or fruits while baking you can add more to his dispenser.

Large viewing window: Another great addition to this bread maker is its large viewing window. Through this window you can keep an eye on the bread. So, you will be able to see how far the baking is done, what the condition is and also see the color of the bread. This enables you to take a look at the present condition of the bread anytime without opening the lid. It is undoubtedly very helpful as it can give you a proper idea about the loaf.

Push buttons: There are different push buttons for easy controlling. Each push button is for a different function which is mentioned just below the button. So, this will make your task much easier. There are two small push buttons to increase or decrease the timer. Below that there are 4 large buttons for adjusting loaf size, crust colour, bake only and menu. Then there is another push button at the bottom for start/stop. All these push button controls have made the bread maker very easy to use.

Durable stainless steel exterior: One of the best things about this professional BK1050S bread maker is that the body is made up of refined stainless steel. It is not only very sturdy and durable but also looks great. There is no chance for any scratches or stains over the body. It is quite hardy in nature.


It comes with a great and advance technology to bake perfectly

The push button controls provide ease and convenience to operate

Digital display shows all the essential information related to baking

You can prepare 14 different types of breads with 14 pre-programmed settings

You have options to choose your preferred loaf size and colors

Adding extra fruits and nuts while the bread is baking gets easier with this bread maker

It also comes with a smart collapsible kneading paddle design

The best part is that it comes with different essential accessories


The beeping sound is very loud and it starts beeping after every stage

It can be a bit complicated for the beginners to understand and use

Final Verdict:

The Breadman 2 Lb Professional Bread Maker is a quiet professional bread maker with some amazing pre – programmed functions. With the help of this bread maker, making of the homemade breads become much easier. It is very easy and convenient to operate and control this bread maker. The best part of this bread maker is that you can adjust the different shades of loaf colour as well as the size based on your needs and requirements.

Many customers have really like this bread maker because of the automatic fruits and nut dispenser. This makes baking much easier. You can add more nuts or fruits if you are making a sophisticated bread of your choice. So, undoubtedly if you are looking for one efficient and highly professional bread maker, then this is the one!

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