The Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker Makes Life Simpler For You

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Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker
Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker

Most of us love fresh bread. Bakeries and cafes are popular for serving a variety of bread and other baked items. But you do not need to be living close to a bakery to enjoy your favourite baked dishes. You can now start enjoying freshly made and baked bread at the convenience of your own home. Bread makers are popular among people as they serve an easy way to make bread, so that you can have it exactly how you like it.

There are a lot of different types of bread makers available in the market. The Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker comes handy to you at any time of the day. It is an efficient bread maker which even has an array of innovative features which makes your baking simple and fun at the same time. The device helps to bring home baking which is easy to each and every family. It has many innovative features such as nuts and fruit dispenser, a baking system which has a dual pan for bread and many more. In this article we are going to give you a full review of this popular bread maker from Breadman. Read on to find out more.

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This bread maker has a lot of interesting features which are not found in most bread makers. Down below we list you all the features.

It has three types of color options for crusts.

It is designed to keep items warm for one hour.

A fully automatic dispenser for fruits and nuts.

The kneading blade is collapsible

It has more than 14 baking functions which are pre programmed

The delay timer is 15 hour

It has three bread pans. One 2.5 lb and two 1 lb pans.

It even has a window for viewing what’s happening inside without having the need to lift the lid.


The dual baking system of this bread maker is very convenient as now you can bake a standard sized loaf of up to two and a half pounds. You can also use the 1lb bread pans to bake two 1lb of bread at the same time. This feature helps you bake some whole wheat baked item for dinner and also one for later simultaneously. The two kneading paddles of the bread machine are also very useful as they collapse on their own just as the baking process begins for preventing the paddles to stick in the bottom part of the loaf. This ensures that the bread you are baking comes out perfect in every way with no tears or rips.

Buy the Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker at

Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker

The automatic dispenser for fruits and nuts is especially handy. This feature of the bread maker allows you to add about two thirds of a cup of fruit and nut into the chamber which will release automatically at the right time of baking to ensure that you get the perfect nut and fruit bread. You do not have to wait anymore to add your fruits and nuts into your load at the beep for adding ingredients. The device does it all for you, many bread makers on the market do not come with an automatic dispenser.

The 15 hour timer for delay allows you to adjust your delay anywhere in the range of one hour to fifteen hours. The sixty minute cycle for keeping warm helps you to keep your loafs which are finished nice and warm for up to a period of 1 hour. It also offers you protection when the power goes off. The 7 minute protection system in the event of power failure helps to save the settings in your device for 7 minutes.This way you can still manage to get your loaf done.

The Breadman BK2000B bread maker is very user friendly and easy to operate. It has controls which are intuitive and allows you to make your selections with ease. The option of having three different colours for crust is very useful as now you can customise your bread the way you want. The blades of the device are quite sturdy and mixing is even. The pans are non stick and come with a coating on them.

The device also has a very wide variety of programming options for food items. You get options like gluten free, low carb, jam, dough, etc. The bread maker also offers you fast bake settings on whole wheat, white and sweet loafs. It also has a very useful bake only option for baking your speciality items. Thus you have the option of creating your own personalized bread from the comfort of your own home. These pre programmed options provide you with flexibility and convenience in making the ultimate bread of your choice. It is hard to find any such other bread maker in the market which has so many options for programming. The device combines versatility with efficiency.


The Breadman BK2000B bread maker is very simple and to use. It can also be cleaned quite easily. The bread maker has a lot of innovative features which may come in handy for people who like to bake their own bread. It can also be good for restaurants and cafes. It is very reasonably priced, and overall, this bread maker from Breadman is an excellent option for you if you are looking for a bread maker which is of high calibre. It comes with a lot of baking functions and modes which are not found in most other bread makers.

You can order the product from It ships in its original packaging and you get a 100 percent protection for your purchase on amazon. This bread maker definitely has some features which makes it stand out from the crowd of other bread makers in the market. You will see a lot of bread makers on amazon but this one from Breadman beats the rest in terms of quality and performance. It even looks good on the top of your shelf or cabinet due to its silver grey colour. Go ahead and buy the Breadman BK2000B 2-1/2 Pound Bakery Pro Bread Maker from now for the best price.

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