The T-fal PF311E Actibread Programmable Bread Machine Review

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T-fal PF311E Actibread Programmable Bread Machine
T-fal PF311E Actibread Programmable Bread Machine

Whether its for the sweet aroma, the fulfilling taste or just for the mere respect of home baking, you will find that almost everyone enjoys a freshly baked loaf of bread. If none of these reasons appeals to you, then the T Fal PF311E Actibread Programmable Bread Machine will definitely get you baking.

First off, forget everything you know about bread machines, you don’t want to confuse or even compare this product to another because to be honest, most of them have attained this kind of perfection. I know it seems self indulging, but trust me, after this review you will be rushing off to to buy one.

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1. Display.

Right out of the box, you just love what the machine looks like. With a stainless steel cover with black plastic accents ensures that your machine is something you won’t hide at the back of the cupboard.

The whole machine weighs only 13.2 pounds with configurations of 16.1 x 12.5 x 14 inches so if you’re worry was portability, worry no more.

With the T Fal PF311E you get an LCD display window that’s easy to read when adjusting your settings and timer. It also comes with a large viewing window so that you can stare at your progress as your loaf of bread bakes away.

2. Functionality.

The T Fal PF311E offers three options for loaf sizes. Depending on your appetite of the number of people you intend to bake for, you can choose either 1, 1.5 or 2 lbs. I find this feature critical as this allows anyone to purchase the machine whether you are a bachelor who lives alone or a family man.

It also comes with three optional crust settings depending on your preference from whether you want it light crusted, medium or dark crusts. It has a 15 hour delay timer meaning that you can prepare you ingredients and once everything is ready, you set for the machine to start baking when you are eventually ready to eat. Not only that, but for someone who’s already baked and the bread is ready but who doesn’t feel like eating right away, the machine also had a keep warm capability that keeps your bread warm till you are ready for it. And the best part being this feature is automatic, you don’t have to set this function every time, the machine does that for you.

One thing that’s most seductive about this T Fal PF311E machine is that it comes with 15 programmable settings so that you get just the perfect loaf of bread you want. There is gluten-free sweet, gluten-free salty, gluten-free cake, cooking, dough, rapid whole wheat, sweet, cake, whole wheat, salt free, super rapid, rapid sweet bread, french, jam and pasta. Just reading through the options makes me salivate. With these setting you have in your hands the power to make over 100 different types of bread not accounting other foods you can prepare with it such as pasta.

3. Cleaning.

It is obvious for anyone who works in a kitchen that the most stressing part of the experience is the cleaning. We all wish for equipment that won’t have you scrubbing for hours on end after using it once.

With the T Fal PF311E, you get a non-stick lining inside which ensures that your loaf doesn’t stick to the lining when extracting it. This also helps a lot when cleaning because you only have to scrub once and your machine will be sparkling again, who doesn’t want that?

4. Accessories.

Wouldn’t it be devastating having to buy a brand new car without the tires? With this machine you get all the accessories needed for a complete baking process. You won’t have to go running to the supermarket for other utilities. The T Fal PF311E programmable Machine comes with; a spoon, measuring cup, kneading blade, hook and a recipe book that is equipped with 25 different recipes. You don’t need to be a baker to use the machine itself, you can simply purchase it and get to learning and sharpening your baking skills and everything you need is provided in this one product.

5. Power and Warranty

This piece of perfection in the art of bread making only consumes 700 watts of power. And if you doubt just how capable the machine is, it also comes with a 1 year warranty just to ease your tension.


In conclusion I think it is safe to say that this is quite an impressive piece of work. You get amazing features and options all in one machine. But for those who still doubt it. here are some final points;

– Its easy to use and operate with all its settings clearly displayed and easily readable.

– With the T Fal PF311E you get numerous setting options and different ways you can prepare a loaf of bread and other foods as well.

– It is a machine designed for everyone no matter what they prefer in a loaf of bread. For the gluten lovers, the gluten haters or even for those who just want to experience something different like french bread.

– The makers of this product are the kind of people who understand the art and as such have taken into consideration everything needed to get the best and tastiest loaf of bread you will ever make.

– You get a wide variety of recipes to try out so you will never be restrained to something generic. It allows you to expand you tastes and skills. This is also beneficial for those who have to this day feared buying it because they don’t know how to bake.

– You get to try making other foods such as jams and home made pizzas. It’s not just for bread, you get to try something new.

You don’t need to go outside the house and run to the store, you can easily purchase this product at Amazon, you just need to order, and wait for your machine to arrive, which will just take a few day. As I said earlier, there is no comparison to this machine, anything else might end up disappointing you! This is the one and only T Fal PF311E Programmable Bread Machine: An updated review for 2018.

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