TIGER Home Bakery KBC-S100W Bread Maker

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TIGER Home Bakery KBC-S100W Bread MakerThere are different hi-tech bread makers in the market which can perform all their tasks automatically and after the completion of the bread preparing, switch themselves off, such as the TIGER Home Bakery KBC-S100W Bread Maker

The Tiger is a new make of bread maker on the market for families who want to eat their own healthy version of fresh bread on a daily basis.

Check out the TIGER Home Bakery KBC-S100W Bread Maker if you want to wake to the smell of fresh bread in the morning


Tiger KBC-S100W Bread Maker Review


The  TIGER KBC-S100W Bread Maker is used to prepare bread of different shapes and types. They are sleek, stylish and simple to use with a host of new and attractive features that make these appliances a beautiful machine to have. This machine has simple touch-sensitive controls which are useful and can be wiped clean.

Another feature of the machine is an automatic tool material mix case, which implies you need not worry about mixing ingredients as the machine will take care of it. There is also an internal oven light by which you can keep a check on the baking procedure. The best thing about this bread maker is that you get fresh loaves of bread out of it and as long as the bread is baking you keep waiting for it in anticipation.

Making bread with the  KBC-S100W Bread Maker is as simple as it can get since there is also get a cookbook combined manual alongside the machine. This cookbook combined manual will tell you measurements of the ingredients you have to put in. Then you have to set the machine on the specific number of recipe you are making, and from that point, on the TIGER Home Bakery KBC-S100W Bread Maker deals with everything else. All these recipes have particular programme setup, and the machine timings are defined in that way.

Apart from all these, other features available with the machine include a quick baking system that can prepare the bread in even less than an hour, a 12-hour delay timer, fourteen predefined settings to take into account to the needs of various recipes, one hour of keep warm setting and there is also a power interference setting for eight minutes, measuring cup, raw seed container, and measuring spoon.

The machine is easy to clean; the compartment where ingredients are kept is separable, and it is easy to take it out and wash it without any fuss. Some of the specifications of the TIGER Bread Maker are its aluminium sheet metal body with white color outer body.

This implies you can enjoy using this with no issues for many years to come. The bread maker uses the energy of (Power of AC100V/rated power consumption and heater: 335W, motor (50Hz/60Hz): 85W/75W). The machine is generally not very heavy, and it can weigh about 5.4Kg and also has a Body size of approximately (Width 23.2 × depth 30.8 × height 30.6cm) thus can be managed inside the kitchen with ease.


This is one of the most excellent bread makers for both the experienced and new users. It offers you quality and healthy bead to satisfy your needs. The machine comes with a detailed guide of recipes to make a variety of bread. the TIGER KBC-S100W is like an asset to the kitchen, as long as you have this bread maker around you not need to worry about tasty loaves of bread.

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