Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker

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Wolfgang Puck Bread MakerThe Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker is a convenient easy to use and cheap bread making machine since it only costs around seventy dollars. Some of its features include a two-pound capacity which allows you to make a large traditional rectangular loaf in the comfort of your own home.

It also has an easy to read electronic LCD display and a programmable electronic control. This makes it easy to key in various information such as the time and temperature at which you want to bake therefore ensuring that whatever you bake is perfect.

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Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker Review

The Wolfgang Puck bread maker weighs just five pounds which makes it easy to move about when using and also when cleaning up in the kitchen. It also comes with several bread making recipes which makes it easier especially for beginners. This bread maker also features a viewing window which is an extra since watching your bread bake is always a bit of fun although it is medium size. The baking tray is made of non-stick material which makes it easy to clean. This is not really special as it is common in most bread makers in any price range.

The Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker is further improved by the thirteen-hour delay bake timer. You can therefore use this bread maker whatever your level of experience is since even an amateur’s chances of messing up are greatly reduced.

The automatic fruit and nut dispenser is an interesting feature especially since it is usually reserved for the very expensive bread makers. This means that you do not have to keep going to the bread maker to manually add nuts and fruit once the mixture is ready. All you need to do is put your nuts and fruits into the dispenser, set the time you want them to be added and the machine will do the rest. Other machines in its price range just make an annoying beep to remind you to add the nuts and fruit.

The bread maker also features twelve different bake settings which gives you a wide range of bread and cake to choose from. The one hour keep warm function also ensures that you serve your bread fresh and warm. The Wolfgang Puck bread making machine is also capable of making gluten free bread although it is a little bit more complicated. The end result is however as delicious and tasty as ordinary bread with gluten.

Despite having all these features, there are some that users might find irritating, either about the Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker or the result it gives. One is that the design is rather plain and boring since it looks like any other mid-range bread maker. The LCD display could also be made larger considering its size.

The manual is also not as detailed as one would expect it to be. This might inconvenience you especially if you are a beginner, although most of the features are not very complicated to use. The kneading blade also leaves a small indent on the underside of the bread which one might find annoying although it does not affect the general look of the bread especially on the upper part or the taste.

The bread maker also does not give one a lot of opportunities to experiment especially if you are a professional due to lack of customization options that are found in higher end bread makers. This is however to be expected if you consider the price.


Overall, the Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker is a machine that is worth every penny and the negatives can easily be overlooked. It has features which other bread makers in its price range do not include which makes it all the more easily to overlook the negatives.

It is also very user friendly so you do not have to worry if you are a beginner since it is not complicated to use and the additional recipes give you extra ideas of what you can bake and the buttons are also not many and they are labelled. All you will need to do is follow the recipe and you are ensured of a superb, tasty end result which you can show off to your friends. You can purchase the Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker at Amazon.com.

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